Shell Broker Dealers

Firms will not have any of the following: clients, client accounts, revenues, assets under management, advisors.

Why Buy a Firm?

  • Time, Time, Time! Puts you in business much faster than starting new.
  • Without question it the most efficient way to grow your firm, assets, accounts, number of advisors, business lines, and the way you conduct business.
  • You can acquire synergies not previously available before the transaction.
  • Increase revenue to your firm in a quick and methodical manner.

Why Sell Your Firm?

  • Maybe you want to transition out to retirement in several yours, or desire an immediate trainstion or merger.
  • Capture future growth today or exit as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Divest your firm of a centain business line.
  • Merge with a partner who might add value or help reduce risk and expenses.

Regardless if you’re a buyer or seller, it’s a simple process to achieving your goals.

Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

Of course, strict confidentiality will be maintained. Our business is highly dependent upon discretion, and we are especially sensitive to the need for absolute confidentiality. Our goal is to quietly and efficiently help you achieve your goals.